County ok’s ‘tank farm’ for Korona

2014-09-03 AttachmentsBy MELINDA WILLIAMS


Pulaski County Board of Supervisors has given the go-ahead for a special use permit (SUP) that will allow Korona Candles to install what is being called a “tank farm” at its new facility in Pulaski County Corporate Center.

According to an overview of Korona’s petition, the new industry plans to install up to 12 above ground storage tanks of up to 30 feet in height for storage of liquid paraffin and/or vegetable oil used in the candle-making process. Each double-walled stainless steel tank would hold up to 26,417 gallons of the liquids.

The tanks, which would be installed behind Korona’s building at 3994 Pepperell Way, will be insulated to keep the liquids hot.

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