Computer science students dominate international competition with ‘Slice-n-Swipe’

VT NewsBLACKSBURG – For the fourth time in five years, a team of Virginia Tech doctoral students from the College of Engineering’s Department of Computer Science and Center for Human-Computer Interaction has won the top prize in the IEEE 3-D User Interfaces contest.

The contest, sponsored by the Computer Society of the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers, was held at the 2014 Symposium on 3-D Use Interfaces in Minneapolis, Minn. This year’s competition focused on three-dimensional point clouds, dense sets of points in 3-D space.

Point clouds are commonly produced by devices such as laser scanners. For example, a building can be scanned to obtain a detailed 3-D geometric model. The contest required teams to design and build systems for labeling such point clouds. This challenging task involves the precise selection of regions of points in 3-D space so that those points can be labeled.

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