Coach Grubb will be missed

Letter to the Editor


Throughout the past couple of weeks the situation regarding our former head coach, Jason Grubb, has unfolded.

On March 25 a group of PCHS girls basketball team members and their parents went to talk to Dr. Brewster on Coach Grubb’s behalf.

We figured since our own county wouldn’t support their own coach that “they” hired, then we should.

I feel that it is sad when a group of 14 to 17 year olds realize something isn’t quite right with the whole situation.  The school board has let the girls basketball team down.

We aren’t saying he did everything right on the court, but all of the blame isn’t just on him.  There were games we could have won but we as the team didn’t execute our game plans.  Turnovers and missed layups, that’s not all his fault.  We’re just saying that we have a part in our success too.

But during our meeting with Dr. Brewster, all he would tell us was it was a personal matter.  Why can’t our administration just be honest and state the true reason Coach Grubb’s contract wasn’t renewed?  It was the complaints from a handful of parents, who only have their child’s interest  in mind.

There is no “I” in team.  Some of the complaints were about Coach Grubb’s coaching tactics.  Some were about why their child wasn’t eating enough playing time.  One of the complaints was about a sub sandwich.  These are just a few of the complaints.

If the reason he was not renewed was because of the team’s performance, then why does he have half of the winning seasons that the entire school has over the past few years?   Not to mention the fact that he was named the River Ridge District Coach of the Year during the 2010-11 season.  can you remember any other coach over the past few years who received that honor?  I didn’t think so.

Our county is keeping coaches that have never even had a winning season and getting rid of a coach that has won the most.  That’s one of the reasons our sports are suffering in Pulaski County.

At the end of the day, the school board ignored all of the facts and took the side of the parents who complained.  When will the school board ever back up our coaches?  When will they back up our athletes who know the truth behind the situation?  I guess I’m beating a dead horse.

I have the upmost respect for Coach Grubb.  He has a huge heart and would do anything for us.  I’m not saying we always agreed, but he truly has a passion of basketball and his players.  When he met with us in the locker room to tell us what was going on, I figured he would talk about how upset he was, but he didn’t.  Instead, he did the opposite.  He looked into our eyes and told us that we must learn to love and respect whoever comes next, and to give our new coach as much effort as we gave him.  he also told us that we have his support.  We heard our former coach tell us that in a room that was once filled with laughter and great times, but now it was empty.

Personally, I look up to someone like that, because that’s the character of the person who needs to lead our sports teams in Pulaski County.

We were going to have approximately five AAU teams during the off-season, now we are down to only one.  But that doesn’t seem to matter.  It’s girls basketball, who cares?  Now the girls who wanted to play AAU are playing for other counties or not at all.  This fact was brought up to the school boards attention, but somehow they think it’s ok.  Way to knock down our program.

As we move forward, I hope the next coach will keep the gym doors open as much as Coach Grubb did.

Lastly, we want to thank Coach Grubb for all of the things he did for us behind the scenes and off the court.  One of those was that he wanted us to learn about giving back to our community.  Each year we had a canned food drive and donated what we collected to our local Dream Center in Pulaski.  He also made sure we were involved with the younger kids during our annual kids camp.

He has always been active with our middle school teams, as well as taking us to team camps at UNC and VCU, and helped arrange for us to get the opportunity to practice at Cassell Colisseum at Virgina Tech and then watch then ACC game for free.  He also provided us meals throughout the season and made sure that we had the nicest attire possible.  Those are just a few of the things he has done for us beyond what the job called for.  Let’s not forget that he didn’t get paid for all of the extra time he put in.

Coach Grubb we thank you and you will truly be missed.


Meredith Mitchell

Co-signed by:  Candace Alley, Chelsea Golden, Rachael Greer, Amanda Alley, Savannah Coffey, and Helen Counts



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