Watch out for Internet loan scam



Pulaski Police Department warns citizens not to let a “flashy” website entice them into becoming a victim of an Internet loan scam that’s making the rounds.

Officer Megan Jennings said a current scam that originates on the Internet draws victims in with what appears to be for a loan company or bank. Upon clicking on the link, the loan applicant (or victim) is asked to enter personal information.

Soon after completing the application, the victim receives a telephone call to inform them they have been pre-approved for a loan.

“The company will then request the applicant wire or transfer money to them for insurance on the loan and verification that the applicant will be able to make the payments,” said Jennings. “This could occur several times.”

Jennings reminded the public to use caution when dealing with Internet websites requesting personal information.

“Do not assume that a business is legitimate based on a flashy website, as those can be set up very quickly.  Be cautious when dealing with companies and individuals outside your country, and inquire about all terms and conditions,” she added.

Those who believe they may have been a victim of a scam or who have questions, may call Jennings at 994-8676.



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