Town Council hears update on gang markings and graffiti cleanup

Appoints new members to Housing Authority, honors Janet Johnson




Tuesday night’s Pulaski Town Council meeting heard updates on various projects currently in working progress in the town, notably the removal of gang markings and graffiti signs.

Police Chief Gary Roche presented his department’s report on the project, which the council had previously discussed at November’s meeting. According to Roche, he has made an agreement with Pastor Desmond Barrett to work with juvenile court services to clean up the mess.

“We are planning to work with juvenile court services to use community service, and people from the court to help with community labor,” said Roche.

Roche said the project would work for those who have a court ordered amount of community service hours that need to be completed. He also said the department has sample ordinances in various places that they can work with to complete the project.

Although the project was first discussed in November, Mayor Jeff Worrell stated that the next couple months would probably be the right time to get the project moving, considering the extreme winter weather would have halted progress if they started sooner.

“Seriously, there hasn’t been any weather in the past couple months to do anything with, so I think the timing is good with spring coming up,” said Worrell.

Town Manager Shawn Utt also gave an update on the Joint Dispatch project, which would consolidate the county’s 911 dispatch centers into one unit.

“The staff the town has representing us on the Joint Dispatch Committee has done an outstanding job in putting together what I think is going to be a positive agreement for everybody,” said Utt. “I don’t see many areas where the Town would be gaining over the County or the county may be gaining over the Town, it’s a pretty even slate.”

Although they are still working on budget numbers, Utt said the Town will have a draft agreement for the project ready by the end of the month.

Other items in the meeting included a resolution honoring Janet Johnson, who will be retired last month after 43 years of service with Pulaski’s chapter of New River Community Action.

The Council also approved a resolution appointing Barrett and Terry Hale to the Pulaski Redevelopment and Housing Authority as part of the agenda. Following that motion, the Council adopted another resolution to increase the number of members on the Town’s Planning Commission.



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