Polar Plunge puts the freeze on Pulaski County




The phrase “Polar Plunge” has been making its way around the area and several local pastors and community members have participated in the chilling event.

Youth Pastor Joe Blankenship said the challenge involves one person taking the plunge and having 24 hours to accept the challenge; then that person challenges three others to accept their challenge and everyone says which ministry they are supporting.

“This Polar Plunge is sweeping the nation,” said Blankenship. “The best I can tell it started in an Alabama church to help bring awareness to world missions. People in the area are doing it and raising money for their own mission trips and different ministries in our community”

“The Rock has raised $125 so far,” said Blankenship. “If people take the plunge and want to donate to world missions they can mail a $10 check and their shirt size to Heritage Church of God, P.O. Box 252 Gilberto, West Alabama 36908.



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