Pets on lap while driving unsafe … and illegal?



While driving under the influence was once the major focus of safety on the road, distracted driving of all kinds has gained national attention in recent years.

Texting and driving has proven to be the latest serious road hazard; it has cost a number of lives, and 42 states have developed laws and campaigns against it.

Now many states are focusing their attention on a new threat — one that has gone under the radar thus far, but may prove to be as dangerous as texting and driving. This one involves the widely practiced habit of driving with a pet on one’s lap.

There are no real statistics to say exactly how many crashes and other traffic incidents pets on laps cause each year. However, The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety notes that taking your eyes off the road for just two seconds doubles your chance of a crash, and two seconds is all it would take for a frightened or excited pet to jump up on you, claw you, climb up onto the dashboard, or worse — crawl under the brake pedal.

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