NRV Airport: What’s to come?



With hangar space at a premium, finding ways to accommodate more based aircraft is among goals established by New River Valley Airport for the coming years.

Airport Manager Keith Holt said efforts are being made to find ways to install more tie-down spots, in addition to building more aircraft storage hangars and increasing ramp space.

Other goals for the next two years include working with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Division of Aviation on design of the taxiway extension. FY 2015 marks the final of four years of collecting enough local monies to fund almost $5.5 million in federal grant projects at the airport.

Plans also had called for an airshow to be held in 2015, but Holt said the show is being delayed until 2016 to allow more time for development of sponsorships. Plus, he said, Lynchburg Airshow is held on odd numbered years, so he would rather hold local airshows on even numbered years so as not to conflict with Lynchburg’s.

“We continue to look for ways to fund future airshows of community events at the airport,” said Holt.

Holt and New River Valley Airport Commission member Doug Irvin Sr. Allegheny Brokerage also is in need of additional office and warehouse space at the airport. As a result, Irvin said plans are to either build more space or utilize space no longer being used by U.S. Customs.

Holt also is working with Imperia Aviation to expand the airport maintenance provider’s business and he hopes to obtain grants to improve airport buildings, including installation of new carpet in the terminal building.



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