Jones steps down as Cougar football head coach


As the whirlwind of changes continues in the Pulaski County coaching scene, The Southwest Times was made aware this morning that Todd Jones would no longer be the head coach of the Cougar football team.


Jones gathered his team together early today to inform them of the decision prior to releasing the information to the general public.  An official press release was sent out prior to noon today, announcing that the head football coach position would be vacant and posted immediately on the school systems website.

Jones graduated from Pulaski County High School as a member of the Class of 1990.  He went on to attend Emory and Henry College, where he graduated in 1994.

He took a job as an assistant football coach at Essex High School, and in a short time was named the head coach of that program.  He led the Trojans for 13 years, putting together an incredible 135-34 record that included nine district titles, five region titles, three state championship appearances, and finally state championship in 2009.  That season ended with a 14-0 record, capped off with the 30-0 win over the Radford Bobcats in the title game.

Jones came back to Pulaski County in the middle of a bad time.  The Cougars had just been sanctioned by the VHSL for out of season practice violations, and a part of those sanctions resulted in the loss of practice and scrimmage time leading into the season.

His first season as head coach may be remembered as one of his fondest, as the Cougars finished the season on a three game winning streak, earned a 5-5 record, and came from behind to beat Salem in a 21-13 shocker at Kenneth J. Dobson Stadium.

Expectations were high after that season, but the 2011 season was a disappointing one.  Pulaski County finished the regular season with a 1-9 record, only to somehow make the playoffs and lose to Salem in the first round.

The 2012 season showed a little more promise, with the Cougars ending the regular season with a 5-5 record and then soundly thumping Magna Vista in the first round of the playoffs 32-0.  A tough 14-17 loss to the Salem Spartans the following week ended the season for Pulaski County.

The 2013 season found Pulaski trying to answer questions again, but by the end of the season they were back in the playoffs with a 4-6 regular season record.  A long road trip to Courtland revisited one of the tougher losses in the history of the program, and in the end the Cougars fell 0-15.

Todd Jones ends his time as head coach at Pulaski County with an overall record of 16-28.

The big question now will be “who will take over?”

An announcement is expected in the early parts of next week that will at least temporarily address that very question, and as usual rumors have already begun to fly about who could possibly take that monster on.  If things go as they have been the past few months, we can fully expect the administration and school board to look for someone who can have an immediate impact.



24 Responses to Jones steps down as Cougar football head coach

  1. The man on the sideline

    March 23, 2014 at 8:28 am

    Hard work and dedication,disiplen,never go out of style we have not had that in the past 4 years ! We need leaders that will look you in the eye when the talk.

  2. Jennifer

    March 24, 2014 at 3:19 pm

    When my son graduated he was happy to be finished with high school and going to college but he still talks about how he misses playing football for Coach Jones. I never talked sports with coach, I never donated money, I never went to school officials or the school board and my son was a starter on the varsity team for three years. I know there are plenty of parents that complain trying to get their kids playing time but I must have been way out of the loop because I knew a lot of the parents of the players and none of them donated money to get their kid playing time. I know several were on the Touchdown Club but that didn’t give them any extra say as to if their child played or not. So all of this getting to play because of who the parents are, how much money they give just seems like some far fetched complaints, people just grasping for an excuse. I know a lot of factors go into deciding who gets to play and I even questioned my son’s junior year there was a great player on the sidelines all the time and I asked my son why that kid didn’t get to play much and my son said his attitude. He said he didn’t pay attention in team meetings, he was always looking at his phone while the coaches were talking and he acted like he didn’t need the coaches to tell him what to do in practice. So before people start complaining about all the talent on the sidelines, keep in mind that all the talent in the world doesn’t make a kid coachable and if I were a coach, I would bench the attitudes as well and play the kids that really wanted to be there. I am a huge Cougar fan and I am looking forward to this fall! I hope they hire a person that has absolutely no ties to Pulaski at all. Someone that will come in and coach their style of football regardless of what anyone else says and sticks to it!

  3. Lewis must go

    March 24, 2014 at 3:37 pm

    Coach Lewis needs to return to Dublin football and let someone else take over the JV program.

  4. Concerned citizen

    March 26, 2014 at 2:17 pm

    I would like to see the past be rectified by hiring Rodney Landreth as the coach. I personally watched him take every coach hired by Hicks and Jack Turners program under his wing. I personally saw the impact he made behind the scenes with very little credit from our press. I would bet if you asked either Hicks or Turner who was the most valuable coach to them they would have to say Landreth. He has been in every big game the cougars have played since 1992. He knows the kids and the parents. I have seen his positions excel on teams that were great and not so great. I would also add he had the job before the superintendent brought in Jones after Turner left. I believe he would still be there if the administration would have done a better job keeping him in place. Do the right thing bring Landreth back.

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