‘California Dreaming’ a huge success

California Dreaming P1750590By SARAH BRADBURY



This past Tuesday people gathered at Pulaski Theatre to enjoy a little surf and sun fun as “California Dreaming” took the stage. Produced for National Tour by Springer Theatricals, “California Dreaming” was a musical journey through the ‘60s when acts like The Mamas and the Papas, The Beach Boys, Crosby, Stills and Nash and The Fifth Dimension ruled the airwaves.

The performers, Tyler Sarkis, John Kempt, Katie Bakalars, Tim Abou-Nasr, Kaitlin Lawrence, Steven Thompson Sr. and Krystle Simmons, all gave performances reminiscent of the decade. Not only did they deliver music, but also an entertaining anthology of the time period’s musical history.

The cast also included the audience in the show, inviting one audience member named Barbara von Claparéde-Cola on stage for The Beach Boys’ song, Barbara Ann.

The Theatre was packed with all ages, and many stuck around after the show to chat with the performers.

“It’s almost a blur,” said Kempt, who sang and played guitar, bass, drums and keyboard in the show. He said the group had been touring for about six weeks and that they were now “at the stage of being a good traveling machine.”

Kempt explained that shows like “California Dreaming” have an appeal because he says there is a real nostalgia market in the world.  When asked how he would classify the type of show “California Dreaming” is, Kempt said, “With these shows, they’re not theatre and not rock music, but more of a concert. There’s an eclectic mix of people – the best kind of people to be on the road with.”

He said the people of Pulaski were fantastic and he didn’t think he came across a weak handshake from anyone here.

Fine Arts Center for the New River Valley (FACNRV) Executive Director Judy Ison said the show was a great success, with about 425 in attendance. FACNRV sponsored the event at the Theatre.



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