YMCA progresses with renovations




If you haven’t been to the YMCA in Pulaski lately you might be amazed at the improvements that started in January and are in process now, reports Allison Hunter-CEO.

The YMCA in Pulaski started on renovations to its facility last month, with a number of them now in current working progress.

“As a result of our successful ‘We Need Each Other’ fundraising campaign, which continues to be supported by many in our community, the YMCA is investing back into the facility to ensure that it continues to meet the needs of our members and guests,” said CEO Allison Hunter.

According to news release from the YMCA, various parts of the facility, particularly recreation areas have been completed or are in the process of nearing completion.

The walls in the gymnasium have been painted, ceiling rafters have been cleaned and new energy efficient lights were installed. The leaky roof will be repaired in March and the gym floor will be sanded, restripped and refinished, along with new Y logos in April.

In the free weight room the walls have been painted and the floor mats will be cleaned in March. Equipment pads will also be re-upholstered next month.

The swimming pool complex is presently closed to the public with reopening scheduled for Tuesday, April 1. The walls have been painted and the ceiling has been power washed, removing the loose paint.

According to the release, an unexpected problem was discovered, and it was determined that the drainpipes from the roof need to be replaced to ensure safety. This will be completed in March, in addition to installing new energy efficient lights, refurbishing the pool deck, painting the pool and repairing the broken window glass.

In the Cardiac room, the mats will be cleaned and equipment pads will be reupholstered starting next month.

Landscaping improvements are scheduled to begin in April, while locker room enhancements are scheduled for June. There will also be improvements to the Child Development Center, including refurbishing the kitchen area and bathrooms, depending on funding for these improvements.

In the release, Hunter said that despite the continued maintenance, she encourages the community to continue to continue to support the YMCA with the revitalization project. “Like any other remodeling project, new issues are discovered weekly which need to be addressed and repaired thus quickly stressing our project funding,” said Hunter. “We have had to repair issues related to electrical connections, plumbing, broken windows, and other unforeseen expenses.”

In the release The YMCA recognized several businesses which have stepped up offered their support as “in-kind” or at a “reduced cost” to help minimize our expenditures. Those businesses include Shelton Electric, Berkley Specialties, Contractors- John Goodall and Eddie Sayers, Sherwin Williams, Bondcote and Affordable Trees.

In addition, the YMCA received a $5,000 donation towards their new pool lighting from former Dublin resident A. Rudolph Flinchum. Those interested in being a part of this community project can contact the YMCA at 540-980-3671 or visit our web site at www.pulaskiymca.org.



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