Watch out for ‘Publisher’s Clearing House’ scam



If you get a call from someone claiming you’ve won a “Publisher’s Clearing House” prize, watch out … it might be a scam.

Roger Williams, an outdoors columnist for The Southwest Times, said he received a call from someone claiming he had won second prize in a contest sponsored by the popular sweepstakes company. The caller knew Williams’ name and address.

After providing him with a telephone number to call and a code to claim the prize, the caller told Williams he would have to pay $385 in shipping and handling charges to claim the prize. He was told to place the funds on a MoneyPak refillable credit card and send it to the company.

Recognizing the call to be a scam, Williams notified local law enforcement and the FBI of the call.

So what was the prize Williams was said to have won? $585,000 and a pearl white Mercedes Benz.

In order to avoid being a victim of a scam, never provide personal information over the telephone and never send money to claim a prize.



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