Mother’s story continues to change



The recent death of Cory Cole, the infant found buried in a shallow grave in a wooded area of Draper Thursday, Jan. 30, has sparked many questions in the community.

The Roanoke Times had originally reported Warden said she was having a hard time comprehending allegations against Cole and that she said she had never seen him abuse her children.

This did not resonate with several readers who had already seen The Southwest Times story in which Warden claimed to have reported Cole to social services several times for abusive behavior towards the children, and also to the police claiming he abused her while she was pregnant with Cory.

Warden now adamantly says Cole never abused any of her children.

Warden was originally interviewed by The Southwest Times just two days after her infant son’s body was recovered. The lengthy interview garnered information yet to be revealed, until now.

The interview began with Warden recounting Cole’s interactions with Cory during his first days. “He got upset with Cory; when he drank he got really irritated with Cory when he would cry. He promised me he wouldn’t drink anymore and I tried to believe him. When he was drunk on Sunday (Jan. 26) he picked him up out of the crib and told him to shut the f— up and threw him down on the crib,” explained Warden. “Cory didn’t cry or act like it hurt him in any way, so I just told Cole not to ever do that again and he promised he wouldn’t and he promised that he would quit drinking.”

According to Warden’s initial interview with The Southwest Times, abuse of Cory began almost right after he was born. “When Cory was a couple days old, I think it was his first or second day home from the hospital, Cole ripped the rest of his belly button off, fell asleep in the bed with him and left bruises on his face,” said Warden. “I took Cory to social services and to the doctor and social services took photos of it. Cole said he fell asleep on accident and told social services that his belly button had fallen off.” Warden said social services went to visit him at the jail where he was held for other crimes he had committed.

“Cole came to my house banging on my windows saying he was going to kill me. Said he would break in and beat my face in until it was unrecognizable. The guy I was dating called 911,” said Warden.

Warden also explains in detail a night on which Cole followed her throughout town to Fast Shop, where she finally called the police. “There are records. He admitted he had drugs on him. The police let him get in the car and leave but they charged me. … When I was pregnant with Cory he beat me and there is a police report,” said Warden.

When asked if she noticed anything different about Cole the night Cory went missing, Warden said, “On that night that he took Cory I was here (visiting her uncle, C.J. Eaton, and current boyfriend, Mike Altizer); I left my son with Cole and Lauren (Warden) and my brother (Richard Warden). He (Cole) lived there with us but he was never left alone at the house,” but Warden said she did not have any reason to feel uncomfortable about leaving Cory with Cole.

When asked if there were any other witnesses to the abuse of Cory, her uncle, C.J. Eaton, told Warden, “I’d prefer you don’t answer that.”

“I’m terrified if he (Cole) gets out he will come after me,” said Warden. “He’s already done this to Cory; he has nothing else to lose.”

Warden also said she feels threatened by the police and concerned they will try to hold her responsible.




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