Local teachers gather together for ‘Grade-In’




The New River UniServ/District 3 Education Association members will host a “Show Teachers Some Love Grade-In” at two locations on Saturday, Feb. 15from 10 a.m.to 2 p.m.

Teachers will sit in the food court of New River Valley Mall and at Shoney’s Restaurant in Hillsville wearing red and pink in honor of the Valentine’s theme. The teachers will be grading papers, working on lesson plans and crunching data just to name a few of their normal weekend tasks.

According to a news release from The New River UniServ, teachers spend hours and hours of their own personal time outside the school day every day. Teachers are still in the classroom for hours afterward or at home grading papers.

The grade-in is designed to remind citizens of what they do and to reinforce that the job does not end when the children leave the classroom.

According to VEA leader and teacher Erin Bull of Montgomery County, public education is the cornerstone of democracy.

“Quality teachers are vital to a strong public education,” said Bull. “A well-educated work force is a necessity for a strong economy; come out and show teachers some love.”

People are encouraged to come out to either of these two locations and support the area’s local teachers.



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