Literacy volunteers to hold annual Scrabble tourney

Imagine how life would be if you couldn’t read


Literacy Volunteers of the NRV

If you couldn’t read, street signs, job applications, everyday specials at the local Kroger would all mean as much to you as these characters: eW rae hree ot hple ghacne vsiles.

Joe first came to the Literacy Volunteers of the New River Valley (LVNRV) because he wanted to know about their free tutoring. As he chatted with Program Coordinator Janet Kester he talked about his commitment to volunteering at church and his involvement with community sports.

Then, Kester, Joe said something that really hit home:

“Joe told me that every couple of weeks, he goes to the library. First he goes to the new books and looks at the beautiful covers. Then he sits down and looks through all the newspapers, looks at the pictures, and wishes he knew what they said…”

LVNRV exists to help adults like Joe fulfill their wish to learn just what books, newspapers and magazines have to say.

This sentence: “We are here to help change lives” might as well look like this “eW rae hree ot hple ghacne vsiles” to people who cannot read.

LVNRV matched Joe with a tutor, and he has already progressed toward his goal of learning to read. It is not always easy for him, but learning still brings an inspiring smile to his face.

Because LVNRV hopes to bring more smiles to students’ faces as they learn to read and navigate this sometimes complicated world of words, it is sponsoring its 6th Annual Scrabble Tournament Thursday, March 13, 5:30-8:30 p.m. at German Club Manor, 711 Southgate Drive, Blacksburg.

Entry fee, which is $30 per person or $90 per three-member team, includes a light dinner at 5:30 p.m. Tournament play begins at 6:15.

The deadline to purchase tickets is Feb. 28. All proceeds benefit LVNRV.

Blacksburg Vice-Mayor Krisha Chachra will emcee the event, which is held in partnership with Pi Beta Phi of Virginia Tech.

For more information, contact Kester at or 540-382-7262.



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