Federal tax forms available at library




Those wishing to file their federal income tax returns the old fashioned way – in paper format – will find tax forms and other documents at Pulaski County Public Library.

In addition to basic tax forms, the library also has a supply of tax instruction booklets and other publications, as well as basic “schedule” forms that may be needed to complete returns. All forms and documents are free.

Tax documents that are not available at the library can be obtained from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) website, www.irs.gov, or the Virginia Department of Taxation website, www.tax.virginia.gov.

Reproducible forms, instructions, publications and schedules from the current and previous years may be copied for 10 cents per page. However, some forms cannot be printed, copied or downloaded from the IRS website.

Non-reproducible documents must be requested directly from the IRS. Call 1-800-TAX-FORM for more information.



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