Dublin staying with ‘status quo’ for dispatch




The town of Dublin will stay with the “status quo” and remain a “sub-member” when area 911 dispatching services are merged.

“I think it would be best to stay a sub-member and make the best out of a situation we were forced into,” Dublin Mayor Benny Skeens said of a Joint 911 Communications Center Agreement Dublin Town Council was asked to act on Thursday night.

By remaining a “sub-member” instead of a “full voting member” under the agreement, Dublin council is hoping to spare the town a doubling of the fee it currently pays Pulaski County for dispatching services.

Town Manager Bill Parker said it became clear early in discussions about the merger that “this was going to be a high-stakes card game.” The town currently pays $40,000 a year for dispatching services, but that would increase to $87,430 annually to become a full voting member.

Parker said he hasn’t been able to get a figure for the town’s cost as a sub-member of the merged dispatch, but he doesn’t anticipate much change from the current cost.

“I can’t see what would change,” said Councilman Dallas Cox. “It seems the status quo would be adequate.”

Noting that he is leery of authorities, Skeens said he sees no benefit in becoming a voting member since the town of Dublin most likely would end up getting out-voted on everything by virtue of its small size.

Referring to the fact the joint dispatch center will be overseen by a newly created director position, Skeens called it a “waste of money” since the county dispatching center has been under the direction of the sheriff or his staff for years.

Skeens said he doubts the director position comes cheaply.

In a 5-0-1 vote, Council approved Cox’s motion to remain a sub-member under the condition there is no significant change in the town’s fee. Councilman Steve Crigger was absent.



2 Responses to Dublin staying with ‘status quo’ for dispatch

  1. Satus Quo

    February 25, 2014 at 7:28 pm

    This is ridiculous…. the status quo?? Dublin needs to think about the well being of their citizens! Right know they have 9 Police officers, how many do you see on Patrol in the town?? Maybe 1?? During the day there is 4-5 sitting in the office wasting tax payers money while 1 is on the street taking calls. While he is answering calls, they just sit there and do nothing… how much crime is there in Dublin any way. There is none at the Pawn Shop or Buckos… thats for sure!!!!! If Dublin is so poor and cant pay for Communications for their one officer working the streets, why don’t they get rid of the dead weight that is just collecting a paycheck.

  2. Real World

    February 26, 2014 at 11:01 pm

    It seems Dublin has been getting by for years at a very cheap rate. What’s fair is fair and they need to pay their share as the County and Town of Pulaski are having to pay. Governments top priority is public safety. It doesn’t seem anyone is forcing Dublin to join, they can always re-start their own communications center. See what that costs???? I respect anyone that carries a badge and puts his life on the line. Just because Dublin is small, doesn’t mean they don’t need a police department. It is all about service to your citizens. If your family was at risk of being a victim of violent crime, would you want an officer responding from a mile or two away whether he is in the office or not, or would you like to have a Deputy that may be out in Snowville?? PCSO does a good job, that is just reality. All local Governments need to be reminded of what is important in this ever INCREASINLY VIOLENT world we live in. I would sacrifice a park bench, fireworks, and other nice to haves for emergency services any day. Better to have police and not need them than to need the police and not have them.

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