County native on Weather Channel show



A Pulaski County High School graduate will be one of four U.S. Coast Guard specialists featured in a news series about their duties in the Pacific Northwest.

Chief Petty Officer Joel Sayers and three other specialists will be shown at work in an area described as the “Graveyard of the Pacific.”

The series begins Sunday a 10 p.m. on the Weather channel.

The crews of boats, helicopters and their efforts to keep those who make their livelihood on the rugged coasts, rivers, and mountains of that area of the United States.

The base of operations for the Coast Guard is Cape Disappointment Pacific Northwest.

That area provides miles of rugged coasts mixed with attractive beaches, rough seas and the mixing of the Columbia River, Puget Sound and rugged shores.

Such scenery and wilderness and open space attract workers and those seeking to escape suburban areas and riggers of daily life.

Coast Guard personnel are ready at a moment’s notice to put themselves in harm as they respond to calls for help and in enforcing laws of the United States.

A saying, or motto for the Guard is when nature is at its worst, the Coast Guard sends its best.

The Pacific Northwest, the Guard reports, tests the mettle of crewmembers of helicopters and boats and support crews.

That area is vital to the U.S. international economics.

The Pacific Northwest is home to the Coast Guard’s Helicopter Rescue School and the Northwest Motor Lifeboat School.

These schools train Coast Guard crews to work in and around some of the harshest conditions faced when calls for help come.

Weather Channel crews spent nearly a year recording the men and women of Cape Disappointment Northwest Pacific, 13th CG District.

Sayers is the son of Maynard and Sharon Sayers, former county residents now living in North Carolina.

The 40-year old specialist was in the First Lady’s gallery at a State of the Union address at the invitation of President George Bush. Sayers was representing the Coast Guard during several awards functions in Washington and at the address.

The rescue swimmer was featured earlier in news clips of the removal of a sick man off a ship off the coast of Virginia and also removing stranded individuals from rooftops in danger during Hurricane Katrinia in Louisana. He has also been on ABC news presentations of Person of the Week, etc.

Joel and his wife live in Astir, Ore. He is a 1991 graduate of Pulaski County High School and is coming up on 20 years with the Coast Guard.



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