Pulaski resident issues telephone scam warning




A Pulaski resident who asked not to be identified is issuing a warning to area residents to watch out for a scam telephone call she received last week.

The woman said the incident was “kind of scary” because the person calling referred to her by name without her providing any identifying information. She wasn’t sure what the caller was trying to sell her, but the man told her it would make her “feel good and healthy.”

The caller attempted to get the woman to provide credit card information so he could send her the product, but “I told him I’m not that dumb; that I don’t give out my card number on the phone.”

When the call was terminated, the woman said she noticed the caller’s telephone number was on her caller ID. The recorded number was 216-672-6288, which appears to be based in the “inner-ring suburbs” of Cleveland, Ohio.

An Internet search of the telephone number indicates it may be a cellular phone number. According to various websites citizens use to report harassing or annoying telephone calls, the number is often listed as being unassigned or is out of service when called. The phone rang, but there was no answer when this reporter tried the number.

According to the websites, callers using the number claim to be a variety of “businesses,” including, warranty companies, banks, sports betting services, Bahamas cruise prize offers and companies selling HGH (Human Growth Hormones).

The Pulaski resident wondered how the caller obtained her number and name, speculating it was due to her having ordered vitamins online.



2 Responses to Pulaski resident issues telephone scam warning

  1. Va Girl

    January 20, 2014 at 1:11 pm

    Anytime someone called me asking I buy something (legit or not), I always tell them to send me information in the mail. If they ask for my address I tell them they should already have it since they have my phone number and then I hang up.

    Thankfully I’ve not received solicitous calls since I got rid of my land line. Have a cell phone now and REFUSE to give out the number. Just give out my old land line number unless I’m certain of who’s getting it (like my bank, insurance company, DISH, etc.)

  2. Jerry

    January 21, 2014 at 12:51 pm

    I got the one Friday about a free trip to the Bahamas . I just hung up the phone nothing is free in this world.

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