NRV Pet Adoptions joins Petfinder



In an effort to cut back on the number of homeless and euthanized adoptable pets, a Dublin animal welfare group has joined Petfinder, the largest database of adoptable pets on the Internet.

New River Valley Pet Adoptions is among the more than 14,000 rescue groups or shelters using the service, which was founded in 1996. The service connects homeless pets with prospective adopters through its website, Mobile Petfinder apps also are available.

The service allows potential adopters to search nationwide for a pet meeting specific criteria, such as size, hair length, age, etc. The list of available pets meeting those criteria is provided, with those in closest proximity to the adopter listed first.

The group or shelter placing the pet finalizes adoptions based on its adoption policies.

Since its inception, Petfinder has facilitated more than 21 million adoptions, making it the most life-saving initiative in animal welfare. Its database contains in excess of 300,000 pets available in the United States and abroad.

The website also offers pet owners resources on pet care, health and training.



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