Man on the Street


Sometimes the best news isn’t what people are doing in the community, but what they’re thinking. We again present a feature about just that, giving you their answers to a single question.

In the first couple days after Christmas, the stores are mobbed with people returning unwanted items. This week, we’re asking community members what they do with their undesired Christmas presents?

Q: When you get a gift you don’t want, what do you do with it? Do you return it, exchange it, re-gift it, keep it and learn to love it, or something else? 

Jena Hardy, librarian: “We do some gift exchanges every Christmas with friends, and it’s usually like a funny thing where you bring something for 10 dollars, and sometimes it’s actually useful stuff. So usually, we’ll save stuff for that sort of thing. I re-gift, or just maybe find a relative who might like it better. I’ve never really returned anything, actually, but I usually just re-gift, or give it to my Mom, or something.

Mike Campbell, owner, Zapmaster Computer Repair: “Re-gifting is nice, as long as it doesn’t go back to the same person who gave it to you the year before.”

John Tilley, landscaper: “I just stick with [the gift], put it in the closet, and wait until about a year later to start wearing it.”

Susan Gibas, photographer: “It depends on who gave it to me and what it is. I re-gift some, if it’s something that I know other people like, but if it’s something I don’t like, then I’ll go ahead and re-gift it. If it was a family member who gave me something as a gag, or something sincere, or if it was someone who was obligated to give me something but they didn’t know what to give, and it’s still nice but it’s not what I want, then I’ll definitely re-gift it. If it’s given with good intentions, but I just can’t use it, then I’ll say ‘thank you very much’ and never let them know.”

Jacob Coffin, owner, Coffin’s Custom RC: “It depends on what it is, if it’s clothes that don’t fit, I’ll return them. If it’s something I’ll never use, I’ll usually find out where the person got it from, or give it back. Some things I’ll hold on to, and figure out a way to use.”

Debbie Johnson, equipment manager, Allen Providing Healthcare Services: “I’ve never really got a Christmas present I didn’t like. If someone were to give me something I would appreciate it enough to thank him for it, and I’d find some use for it. If you re-gift, there’s a good chance that someone will see it and know it, and you may not get a present from them again.”

Ronda Lambert, administrative clerk, Allen Providing Healthcare Services: “I’d thank them for [the gift], because if they cared enough to give me something, I should care enough to thank them for it, and try to find some use for it. I think re-gifting is pretty ill.”

Dreama Crawford, owner Flowers by Dreama Downs: “I would keep [the gift] and be thankful for the person that was thoughtful enough to give me something.”




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