LewisGale Hospital Pulaski employee selected as finalist for HCA Innovators Award




Terri Stuart, an employee of LewisGale Hospital-Pulaski, has been selected as a division finalist for the 2013 HCA’s Innovators Award.

HCA is LewisGale’s parent company.  According to a news release from LewisGale Regional Health System, the annual awards competition recognizes LewisGale employees for submitting ideas in three categories – quality and safety, service excellence, and operating efficiency.

Stuart, a medical staff coordinator in the risk department, won in the Service Excellence category for her “End of Life Care” idea.  Her suggestion involved designating a hospital room for hospice or end of life patients and their families that provided additional seating and other comfort options.

On her award entry, Stuart wrote that by having one identified room for that purpose, the patient and family could experience a more quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

“The volunteers and staff would automatically know the circumstances of the patients,” Stuart said. “Members of the clergy could find the room more readily in the event of an emergent situation, and family and friends could have a more private setting upon the passing of their loved one.”

According to the release, Stuart’s idea is now moving on to the corporate level of the competition.

LewisGale Hospital-Pulaski CEO Mark Nichols praised Stuart, particularly for having an innovative idea to improve patient care.

“She represents our hospital well and exemplifies our commitment to service excellence,” said Nichols.



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