Indoor track and field participates at Liberty Invitational

530013_437485132944537_279580370_n-1By DAVID GRAVELY, SWT Sports Editor

Fielding a team with a new head coach, the Pulaski County High School Indoor track and field teams have been active in at least three meets so far this season, but unfortunately have been finding limited success.

This past weekend the team traveled to Liberty University to participate in the Liberty Varsity Invitational.  According to results posted online, six Lady Cougars and thirteen Cougars competed in thirteen different events.

For the Lady Cougars the top performer of the day was Erin Hamric.  Fresh out of volleyball season, the senior recorded the highest mark of the day for the women with a 16th place finish in the women’s 500 meter race with a time of 1:24:54.  Hamric also finished 32nd in the 1000 meter race with a time of 3:23:54.

Elissa Fink placed 44th in the women’s 55 meter hurdles with a time of 11:13, and 114th in the women’s 300 meter race with a time of 48:73.

Terry Anne-Kirk recorded a time of 53:00 in the women’s 300 meter race to earn 151st place.  She finished the day by finishing in 86th place in the women’s 500 meter race in 1:48:60.

Taylor Bowman finished in 88th place in the women’s 500 meter race with a time of 1:50:18.

Terry Mason finished 99th in the women’s 1000 meter race with a time of 3:47:34, and Mikayla Cox finished 131st in the same race with a time of 4:19:51.

On the boys side of the action, James Reynolds was the highest placing Cougar with his 9th place shot put of 44′ 8″.  Noah Patterson finished 46th with a throw of 35′.

Grey Quesenberry, Chris Taylor, Damon Akers, and Cole Turman ran fast enough for a 12th place finish in the men’s 4 x 800 meter relay with a time of 9:21:85.  The team of Brandon Jones, Tyler Waddle, Marius Shumaker, and Chris Taylor competed in the mens 4 x 200 meter relay, but were disqualified for interference.

Brandon Jones finished 29th with his triple jump effort of 36′ 7.75″.  Jones then followed that up with a long jump of 17′ 6.75″ to earn 33rd place.  Jared Nieman finished in 62nd place with a long jump of 13′ 9.25″.

in the men’s 500 meter race Damon Akers finished 45th with a time of 1:14:45.  Noah Campbell finished 146th with a time of 1:22:63.

Campbell went on to finish 137th in the men’s 300 meter race with a time of 43:93, and Nick Boitnett finished 146th with a time of 45:38.

In the men’s 1000 meter race Tyler Hall finished 125th with a time of 3:37:47.

Hall then moved on to the men’s 1600 meter race, where he finished 123rd with a time of 5:27:98.  Teammate Chris Taylor finished the same race in 108th with a time of 5:18:55.

Both squads are coached by Head Coach Leslie Hunt Mongan, who is in her first year as the leader of these programs.

The two squads are currently scheduled to compete at the Virginia Tech Invitational on Jan. 31 and Feb. 1.  The Conference 24 tournament is scheduled for Feb. 15 at Liberty University.



2 Responses to Indoor track and field participates at Liberty Invitational

  1. james

    January 16, 2014 at 8:01 pm

    Only 6 lady cougars make up an entire indoor track team? What is wrong with this picture? Even though Jamie had few numbers the past nine years, he had more than six and the results were way better than this. This is definitely a low point in the history of Pulaski County Track & Field! Jamie should have been supported more, or at least Sirak should have been hired!

  2. bigbird

    January 17, 2014 at 11:07 am

    Six seems like a nice number to me.

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