Former DMS student uses middle school consolidation as research topic



Amy Smith, a former DMS student and current Radford University student, found another way to discuss the impending possibility of the middle school consolidation when she used it as a topic for her college research paper.

Smith interviewed Robin Keener, DMS principal, and Charles Shelton, an eighth grade DMS math teacher, who had different opinions on the topic. She also found information in The Southwest Times archives and the American School Board Journal. Smith even did her research on cost from an architectural and design aspect.

While school and county officials have been speaking to the minds of community members, Smith is speaking to their hearts. She tells of her grandpa attending the old, now torn down, Dublin High School and expresses concerns for the futures of the current middle schools if consolidation occurs. “In the last six months, that building (the old Dublin High School) was torn down because it was a mess. Many in the community hated to see it go because it was a landmark,” said Smith.

She says her grandpa also attended DMS when it was still the high school. “When I walked down the halls of school every day between 2006 and 2008, I thought about how my grandpa also once walked those halls going to class,” said Smith. “It may not mean much to many, but it is exciting to me to know that school has been around long enough for three generations of a family to go through it.”

While Smith does a great job appealing to the hearts of community members, she also approaches the topic from a financial standpoint, suggesting that consolidation may not be the least expensive choice after all. Her research is completed with consideration for students and teachers at both schools and what this will mean for them as individuals.

To read Smith’s paper, “Historic Middle Schools Should Be Kept Separate,” visit



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