Dentists helping to ‘Give Kids A Smile’



Area dentists are once again taking part in the national “Give Kids A Smile” project Friday, Jan. 24, by providing free dental services to uninsured Pulaski County school children.

The one-day event will take place 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the office of Dr. Cynthia Southern, 62 E. Main St., Pulaski. Transportation to and from school can be provided for the children, but they must have a signed parental consent form to receive treatment and transportation.

Children who are not covered by dental insurance, Medicaid, Virginia Premier or FAMIS are eligible to participate in this free program.

“It is our hope to serve children who have fallen through the cracks dentally,” said Dr. Southern. Besides standard dental cleanings, other services to be offered include x-rays and any necessary fillings or restorations. Southern said other specialized services may be offered as needed.

All services are provided free of charge.

Parental consent forms are available from Pulaski County school nurses. Pre-registration through the school nurse is recommended.

Each child must bring a completed form with them at the time of service in order to be treated.

“The importance of good oral health cannot be underestimated in terms of overall health benefits and self-confidence,” said Southern.



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