City of Radford releases update on Winter Storm “Ion”

By Calvin Pynn


RADFORD – Much of the nation is still being impacted by the bitterly cold temperatures from the dip in the “Polar Vortex,” associated with winter storm “Ion.”

Radford’s temperatures have remained in the single digits or teens over the past 36 hours, and water mains throughout Radford will face heavy-duty stress tests this week. The drastic temperature drops could lead to breaks, especially in older lines, and public utilities departments are ready to respond.

At this point, 15 homes that have reported frozen pipes since, Tuesday, Jan. 7, and this city is now beginning to experience water main breaks. Citizens are reminded that the extremely cold temperatures could result in service disruptions and water main breaks; however, Radford crews are prepared to respond as situations arise.

Citizens are reminded to keep an eye out for leaks and breaks and to report any issues to 540-731-3624.

In addition to reporting any problems with city lines, people should be sure to protect their own lines. That includes wrapping exposed pipes, allowing spigots or shower heads to drip to keep lines from freezing up, and knowing where cut-off valves are in case of a rupture.

Temperatures are expected to rise throughout the rest of the week as the system moves out. There is possibly for problems to arise over the next few days, so residents are asked to remain vigilant and continue to watch for leaks and breaks.



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