Town Council approves request for EPA Brownfields Assessment Grant, adopts resolution for Lewis Gale Hospital



Tuesday night’s Pulaski Town Council meeting started off with a request from John White on behalf of the Economic Development Board to endorse the submission of a Brownfield Assessment Grant for 2014.

This is the board’s second attempt at requesting permission for the grant, after their initial request was turned down last year. The council moved to endorse this year’s request following White’s presentation.

White pointed out two particular aspects that the grant emphasizes – one being the revitalization of downtown areas, the other being an expressed concern for people with chronic illnesses. The $200,000 grant would allow for environmental assessments throughout Pulaski, and would also fund cleanup and community involvement activities.

White also mentioned that the board would like to reach out to more public and private entities throughout Pulaski to support the proposal.

“The more general community support we have, the stronger our proposal will be,” White said.

Later, the council supported an application from Lewis Gale Hospital for a certificate of public need, an item that was added late to the agenda.

Lewis Gale Hospital submitted the application to the Virginia Department of Health to offer Stereotactic Radiosurgery at Pulaski’s Lewis Gale Regional Cancer Center. Recognizing the benefit the resolution would offer, the council moved to approve the request.

“We are truly fortunate to have this cancer center right here in the town of Pulaski,” said Mayor Jeff Worrell. “I think this is an opportunity to enhance our cancer treatment options.”

Other items discussed during the meeting included am upgrade to the water treatment plant, forfeiture funding for the police department, and the approval of a contract for the Gatewood Dam inundation study.



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