Bond denied for man with multiple probation violations



Bond was denied Thursday for a Pulaski man facing multiple probation violations, some being his third or fourth alleged violation.

James Eugene Smith is facing revocation of up to eight years, five months in suspended sentences when he is tried Dec. 9. He is accused of violating conditions of probation twice on a breaking and entering conviction, three times on a conviction of distribution of cocaine and four times on convictions of conspiracy to distribute drugs and two counts of distribution of imitation drugs.

Pulaski County Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Skip Schwab pointed out Smith failed to show up for a January court date and that Smith’s probation officer lost contact with Smith at that point.

If Smith is released from custody on bond, defense attorney Spencer Rygas said, Smith will live in Pulaski, will seek employment and will attend substance abuse rehabilitation. Smith contends he missed the January court date because he was unaware of the court hearing.

Pulaski County Circuit Court Judge Marcus Long Jr. said regardless of Smith’s excuse for not being in court, the fact is he wasn’t there. That, combined with the fact Smith has had multiple probation violations kept the judge from setting a bond for Smith.




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