Pulaski Police Department: Most Wanted

The following is a list of the Pulaski Police Department’s “Most Wanted” suspects.

The Southwest Times will publish a list about every quarter. Photographs are not available for all subjects. This list may not reflect individuals who have turned themselves in or who were apprehended since release of the list Tuesday morning.

Capias refers to warrants, usually issued by a judge or magistrate, ordering the arrest of a person for a specific reason, often failure to appear in court or failure to abide by a court order.


Name: Deborah Jean Evans (Clower)

Age: 37

Last known address: 110 Prince Ave., Pulaski

Wanted for: possession of Schedule I or II drugs, two counts.


Name: David Wayne Kress

Age: 47

Last known address: 4870 Towes Ferry Road, Newbern

Wanted For: grand larceny.


Name: Sandy Matthew Stephens

Age: 51

Last known address: 803 4th St. N.E., Pulaski

Wanted For: unauthorized use.


Name: Michael Lee Cook

Age: 50

Last known address: 165 Prince Ave., Pulaski

Wanted for: bad checks, five counts; embezzlement of leased property; probation violation.


Name: Robin Lynn Gravley (Lafon)

Age: 45

Last known address: 621 Birch St., Pulaski

Wanted for: capias.


Name: Angela Ruth Parks/Webb

Age: 41

Last known address: 124 Tower St., Pulaski

Wanted for: petit larceny, third offense.


Name: Russell Bryant Watson

Age: 24

Last known address: 433 Washington Square, Pulaski

Wanted for: possession of marijuana; possession of a controlled substance, four counts.


Name: Howard Elwood Martin Jr.

Age: 33

Last known address: 1208 Lottier St., Pulaski

Wanted for: capias (distribute a controlled substance).


Photographs were unavailable for the following:

Name: Jose Guadalupe Corales

Age: 35

Last known address: 3904 Bob White Blvd., Pulaski

Wanted for: embezzlement.


Name: Sebvetian Chaveves

Age: 27

Last known address: 105 S. Washington Ave., Pulaski

Wanted for: contributing to delinquency of a minor; indecent liberties with a child, three counts.


Name: Troy Michael Prior

Age: 31

Last known address: 209 Cliff St., Pulaski

Wanted for: embezzlement.



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