Officials, officer remember Trooper Fox

Fox presentationBy MELINDA WILLIAMS


DOSWELL – Law enforcement officers joined state and other officials Thursday in recognizing Trooper Andrew D. Fox, the Pulaski County-based trooper who was killed last fall while directing traffic on special assignment at the Virginia State Fair.

“It is comforting to know that Trooper Fox and the sacrifice he made in the course of his job will be forever remembered and seen by visitors to The Meadow Event Park and by his fellow troopers for generations to come,” said Col. W. Steven Flaherty, State Police superintendent, during a special ceremony held at The Meadow Event Park. “We extend our sincere appreciation to the Virginia Farm Bureau for finding a way to permanently memorialize the life and public service of” Fox.

Fox was struck by a vehicle and killed Oct. 5, 2012 while directing traffic leaving the fair, which is held at The Meadow Event Park. One plaque honoring his life and service will be mounted outside the park’s Public Safety Operations Center and a second plaque will be placed inside the building.

“It is my hope that those plaques will serve as a reminder – to everyone who is involved in events at this facility – of the enormous responsibility we assume when we invite the public through those gates, and of the willingness and professionalism with which our law enforcement partners shoulder that responsibility,” State Fair President Jeff Dillon said.

Wayne F. Pryor, president of Virginia Farm Bureau which purchased The Meadow earlier this year, said, “Last year at Trooper Fox’s funeral, I was moved by the enormous outpouring of support for his family and his colleagues from Virginia’s law enforcement community. It is my hope that that support has been a comfort in the year that has passed.

“It was also significant, and humbling, to note how, on the morning of Oct. 6 (2012), despite great personal loss in some cases, law enforcement officers assigned to the fair were back at work,” Pryor added. “That, in my eyes, speaks volumes to the commitment that officers like Trooper Fox make when they put on a badge.”

Besides being assigned to Pulaski County, Fox also was a member of Draper Volunteer Fire Department.



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