Moss donates to Virginia Tech Arts Center

After receiving a $10 million donation from artist P. Buckley Moss towards its $100 million arts center building, Virginia Tech has named the center in tribute to her. The donation is one of the largest gifts the university has ever received, according to the Virginia Tech website.

“The Moss Arts Center is a spectacular testament to how important the arts are to any university that values comprehensive excellence,” Virginia Tech President Charles W. Steger said Oct. 23, nine days before the center was to host its first performance.

Steger said the university Board of Visitors’ recent decision to name the center in Moss’ honor was particularly fitting, due not only to her generosity toward the project, but to her prominence in the arts and her longtime advocacy for incorporating the arts into education.

Moss, who signs her paintings P. Buckley Moss, has works represented in more than 200 galleries, has won numerous awards, and is the namesake of a foundation that works with teachers to promote using the arts in teaching.

Increasing the prominence of the arts at Virginia Tech was a goal Steger, in his 2000 inaugural address, said was important to him. “This magnificent building shows the value we place on the arts at Virginia Tech, and is part of a series of major investments we have made in the arts,” Steger said.






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