LewisGale Hospital-Pulaski launches monthly forums for patient feedback

As part of its Service Excellence Program, LewisGale Hospital-Pulaski is now holding monthly forums to solicit feedback from its patients and their families about their hospital experience.  Up to six families are invited to attend each forum and meet personally over lunch or dinner with hospital administration and bedside nursing staff.

“The goal of our Patient Experience Forum is to empower patients and families to take an active role in improving future patient experiences at our hospital,” said Marsha Myers, service excellence champion for LewisGale Hospital-Pulaski.

“We hope to create an environment where patients feel free to speak openly and candidly,” said Linda Shepherd, Chief Nursing Officer. “It is only through the sharing of information that we can improve upon our services.”

The hospital is set hold its next forum Nov. 20.  The previous two forums have already resulted in some changes at the hospital.

“At the end of the day it’s about service excellence and providing our patients with high-quality, compassionate care,” said Mark Nichols, chief executive officer of LewisGale Hospital-Pulaski. “Nothing is more important to us than meeting the needs and surpassing the expectations of our patients.”

If you or a family member were discharged from the hospital within the past month and would like to participate in an upcoming forum, contact Marsha Myers at 540-994-8547.



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