Dublin recognizes Hawley for ‘superb job’




The town of Dublin recognized retiring Pulaski Town Manager John Hawley Thursday night for what Mayor Benny Skeens called “a superb job.”

“In my opinion – and my opinion counts a lot tonight – these are the two best town managers this county has ever had,” Skeens said, referring to Hawley and Dublin Town Manager Bill Parker. Parker helped Skeens present a framed Proclamation of Recognition to Hawley for his 39 years of service to Pulaski and the community as a whole.

““I think the towns of Pulaski and Dublin are very fortunate to have these folks; they’ve done a superb job,” added Skeens. He said he has known Hawley since they were in high school and they have been friends for a long time.

The proclamation recognizes Hawley for having “the will and ability to achieve any and all requirements asked of him by the town of Pulaski” and for having served Pulaski with “professionalism, courtesy, honesty and grace.”

The document goes on to say that “it is almost unimaginable to consider the town of Pulaski without first thinking of Mr. John Hawley. His cooperative spirit and friendship exhibited towards the town of Dublin will forever be remembered and his presence will be truly missed.”

Hawley thanked Skeens, Parker and the council members. He said it has been his privilege to serve the community for so many years and added, “Being an old Dublin Duke, Dublin has special memories for me too.”

As for his years of working along with Parker, Hawley said, “I appreciate the support Bill has given me. He was a town manager a few months before I was … I turned to a lot of people like him to see what to do as a town manager.”

Hawley noted that transitioning from Pulaski’s head of engineering to town manager in 1999 was a “good move” and he’s glad he did it.

After presenting the proclamation to Hawley, Skeens joked that they were concerned Hawley’s presence at the monthly meeting of Dublin Town Council might spark rumors that council was interviewing Hawley for a job. However, Hawley said he’s looking forward to retirement.

“Well, we think you’ve certainly done a good job and you’re welcome here anytime you want to come,” said Skeens.

Parker chimed in, “We might find something for you to do.”

Skeens suggested Parker might be able to find a broken waterline for Hawley to repair.

Hawley indicated he’s already been in that situation. “I plan to get out on the golf course now,” he said.



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