Council takes action on old business



At Tuesday night’s Pulaski Town Council meeting council worked on old business, including moving forward with a land use agreement with the Department of Military Affairs and the sale of town property on Maury Avenue.

The issue of allowing the Department of Military Affairs to use the 650 acres surrounding the armory was brought up previously about two years ago, according to Town Manager John Hawley. “It’s a good area for them to train,” he said.

The paperwork for this was sent off at the time but never got signed, after several meetings were spent working out the details, according to Hawley; given the time lapse, he said, new paperwork would need to be drawn up. The Army had provided a standard agreement form but since this did not recognize or address specific issues relating to the local facility, it was advised that another agreement be drawn up and sent off to the Army again to be signed. Council voted unanimously to do so.

Next, council looked at a request from citizen Sr. John McElroy to purchase a piece of land on the Tenth Street extension adjacent to his own. McElroy had the land surveyed and had a plat drawn up, which he himself paid for. According to Hawley, McElroy would use it for extra parking on his own property. Hawley explained that council’s decision at this point would be whether or not to direct staff to set up a public hearing, which would be the first step in allowing McElroy to make the purchase.

Warburton advised that McElroy is his landlord, but said he did not feel this would affect his ability to perform his duties for council on the matter.

Councilman Dave Clark pointed out jokingly, “The only purpose this piece of property has served since ’50s was to give us something else to mow.”

Council voted unanimously to direct staff to set up a public hearing. Dr. McElroy will be able to submit an offer for the land after the public hearing.







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