Afternoon accident causes power outage in Pulaski

Rt. 11 Wreck, 10-10-13By TRAVIS HANDY

An afternoon accident in which a truck struck a utility pole left part of the town of Pulaski without electricity into Thursday night.

The driver of a black Suzuki Equator pickup truck left the right shoulder of the road, hit a utility pole and came to rest on a sidewalk. The impact snapped the pole several feet from the ground.

The single-vehichle accident occurred in the southbound lane of Lee Highway (Route 11) near Alum Spring Road between 1 and 2 p.m., and caused traffic to be slowed in the vicinity for an extended period during the afternoon. As of press time Friday, full details of the accident were not immediately available.

As of Thursday evening, electricity had not been restored along the section of Lee Highway between Alum Spring Road and LewisGale Hospital-Pulaski, or to businesses in the immediate area. Power was restored during the night.

Pulaski Police Chief Gary Roche explained by phone Thursday that due to the power outage, traffic patterns at the intersection of Lee Highway and Memorial Drive were temporarily altered, preventing drivers from crossing over lanes of traffic to enter and leave Memorial Drive.

Further information will be provided as it becomes available from Pulaski Police Department.



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