Local band to play Hard Rock Café




What’s the likelihood that you might one day realize someone who once made your pizza is famous now? If you’ve ever gotten one from Bella Pizzeria in Pulaski, chances might be higher than you think.

Aside Oceans, Pulaski’s bluesy rock and roll band, will be in Memphis Sunday playing a gig. It’s not the first time they’ve played Memphis … but it’s the first time they’ve played the Hard Rock Cafe.

“We didn’t put in for it, we didn’t apply for it,” said singer Bradley Steele. “I think someone who works at the Hard Rock Café heard us playing at a place down the street. Then they told us they were putting this on.”

By “this” Steele was referring to a musical showcase that’s going to be attended by representatives of Sony Music, who may decide to sign some of the bands. “It’s pretty cool because all the other groups are from Memphis,” said Steele. “We’re the only one from out of town.”

They came close to winning a recording contract and a chance to work with Grammy-award winning producer and music legend Don Was, in a Ford Motor Company contest called “Gimme the Gig II.” Despite a close brush with fame in their past and another one potentially ahead, the band is happy to play at humble venues along with famed ones, from Blacksburg’s Champs Sports Bar to the Awful Arthur’s chain to Bella’s itself.

The Hard Rock’s music showcase will begin at 3 p.m. with a red carpet opening and lead-up to the music itself, which begins at 7 p.m.






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