LewisGale patients can now check in to ER with smartphone app

SALEM – Patients headed to any LewisGale emergency department can now alert the hospital of their pending arrival and symptoms using a new mobile healthcare app. The notification system is one of the unique features available to smartphone users in our community thanks to a recent partnership between LewisGale Regional Health System and iTriage, a global healthcare technology company.

“Getting  a heads up about the patient’s pending arrival and symptoms gives us the opportunity to prepare and better mobilize our resources to care for their specific medical needs,” said Lisa Edwards, ER Director, LewisGale Hospital Montgomery. “It’s all about providing more personalized care to our patients when they need it most.”

The mobile app, known as iTriage, also provides patients with an array of health information and resources on their smartphone including:

  • The average wait time for the nearest LewisGale emergency department
  • GPS technology to help locate and get directions to the nearest healthcare facility
  • Symptom checker for researching medical concerns
  • Information on diseases, conditions and treatment options
  • Details on more than 1,000 of the most commonly used over-the-counter and prescribed medications
  • The latest health news and alerts


“Our partnership with iTriage gives patients convenient access to information and resources to help them more effectively manage their healthcare whether at home or on the road,” said Rex Etheredge, CEO, LewisGale Medical Center. “The goal is to put our patients on the path to better health.”

iTriage is available now to consumers in all of the areas served by LewisGale Regional Health System. Consumers can download the app for free on their iPhone, iPad and Android device or can access iTriage from any Internet-enabled device at www.iTriagehealth.com.



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