Cougars win Battle of the Bridge

1272668_724947744198273_1298864437_oBy DAVID GRAVELY

SWT Sports Editor

The Pulaski County Cougars took advantage of five Radford Bobcat turnovers, aggressive play by several new defensive players, and a solid rushing attack to win the 2013 edition of The Battle of the Bridge Friday night in Radford 31-13.

The Bobcats kicked off to the Cougars, who were forced to punt after Radford backed Pulaski up six yards.  An illegal participation penalty against the Cougars backed them up another five yards before Marcus Johnston sent the punt 43 yards to the Radford 29-yard line.  Radford hurt themselves immediately with a holding penalty, but an 11-yard pass from quarterback Marcus Finley to R.J. Jordan helped regain that yardage.  A 1-yard rush put the Bobcats at third down and short, but a fumble by Finley was recovered by Elliot Brewster to give the Cougars the ball back.

Starting at the Bobcat 22-yard line, it only took Pulaski two plays to get on the board.  Quincy Rollins carried the ball for the first twelve yards, and then Johnston called his own number for the ten yard touchdown run.  Shane Chrisley was good on the point after touchdown, giving the Cougars the early 7-0 lead with 8:07 left in the first quarter.

Chrisley kicked off to the ten, and Baylor returned it to the Bobcat 32-yard line.  Pulaski was somehow called for a blocking penalty on the return, giving the Bobcats an additional ten yards.  Good gains by Isiah Carter and Heth Grant, along with a 9-yard pass from Finley to D’Andre Cook moved the ball to the Cougar forty, and then Finley carried for an additional 7-yard gain.  Jordan got the ball next, but he lost the handle on the ball and Jesse Draper came up with the ball for Pulaski.

The Cougars ran for 41 yards on seven attempts before Johnston completed an 18 yard pass to Dillon Alley to move the ball to the Bobcat 21-yard line.  Rollins broke through the middle of the Radford defense for the long run to score, and Chrisley was again good on the PAT for the 14-0 lead.

Never a team to give up, Radford took the kickoff and began to move.  Carter ran for a short gain before Finley hit Jordan on a 14-yard pass, and then Jordan ran for 5 yards on the next play.  Runs by Grant and Carter moved the ball another eight yards, and then Finley completed a 5-yard pass to Grayson Howard.  The first quarter ended with an 11 yard run by Cook.

The Pulaski defense started the second half off with a tackle in the backfield for an eleven yard loss.  Finley would break free for a 26 yard gain on the next play, and then the Bobcats would gain short yardage on each of the next four plays to move the ball to the Pulaski 11-yard line.  A penalty pushed them back 15 yards, but a 21 yard pass from Finley to Jordan put the Bobcats in scoring position.  Finley called his own number, going in from two yards out for the touchdown.  Matt Levison hit the PAT to move the score th 14-7 with 6:03 left in the half.

The fumble-bug would continue to hit, and after moving the ball all the way to the Bobcat 9-yard line Heth Grant would recover a Cougar fumble for Radford.  The Bobcats would give the ball back to Pulaski two plays later, with Draper picking up his second fumble recovery of the night at the Bobcat 22-yard line.  Runs for short gains by Johnston would be negated by a dead-ball unsportsmanlike conduct penalty against Pulaski, forcing another punt.  Neither team could put the ball into the end zone for the remainder of the quarter, and the half would end.

Radford took the second half kickoff but couldn’t find any room to move the ball.  The Cougars fielded the punt at the Bobcat 36-yard line and went back to work.  Ten yards on the ground by Rollins were followed by two yards by Johnston, and the Rollins ran for another four yards.  Alley took the handoff on a criss-cross on the next play, going twenty yards for the touchdown.  Chrisley’s PAT gave Pulaski the 21-7 lead.

The Bobcats answered immediately, moving the ball 80 yards in seven plays.  The score came on a two yard run by Grant with 5:20 left in the third.  The PAT was wide-left, and the Bobcats trailed 21-13.

Malik Eaves returned the kickoff 19 yards to the Cougar 32-yard line.  Pulaski couldn’t move the ball, and the Bobcats got the ball back at the 44-yard line.  Finley attempted to connect with a Bobcat receiver, but Eaves made a good play on the ball and intercepted.  The Cougars moved the ball deep into Bobcat territory, but were forced to settle for a 25 yard field goal by Chrisley with 9:58 remaining in the game, moving the score to 24-13.

The Cougar defense began to get to the Bobcat ball carriers quicker, and four plays later Radford punted.  Johnston ran for a 22 yard gain before Rollins carried for two more.  Brandon Jones move Pulaski nine yard deeper, followed by a two yard gain by Rollins and a 12 yard gain by Johnston.  Rollins would top his night off with a 15 yard touchdown run on the next play.  The Chrisley PAT moved the score to the final of 31-13.

The Bobcats would burn the final minutes of the game moving the ball slowly up the field, but time would run out with the Cougars taking home the trophy for a second straight year.

Quincy Rollins would lead all rushers with 144 yards on 15 attempts.  Marcus Johnston was close behind with 104 yards on 13 attempts.  Jones would add 19 yards on six carries and Alley would add 11 yards on five carries.  Johnston completed his one pass attempt for 18 yards to Dillon Alley.

Radford was led by Isiah Carter with 16 rushing attempts for 69 yards.  Finley earned 47 yards on ten carries, Alex Wright earned 57 yards on one carry,  and Jordan had 37 yards on eight carries.  Cook added 14 yards on six carries, Grant had 8 yards on three carries, Baylor had 8 yards on one carry, Malcom Thompson had one yard on one carry, and Howard had minus ten yards on one carry.  Finley completed 11-of-14 passes for 113 yards and one interception.

The Cougars will now regroup and prepare for next weeks home matchup with Patrick Henry.  The Patriots came up just short of a win against Salem Friday night, falling 28-21 to the Spartans.  Game time is set for 7 p.m. at Kenneth J. Dobson Stadium.



8 Responses to Cougars win Battle of the Bridge

  1. Fact Stater

    September 10, 2013 at 6:22 pm

    Hey “Truth”, you wanna talk about Hicks and his coaching? He only won 1 count them, 1 State Title. Took basically the same team back the very next year with a #9 NATIONAL ranking and got what? A runner up banner. Turner has a MONSTER SQUAD in 2010 and did what? So evidently “monkeys” can’t coach. CAN YOU? Sounds like your “truths” are just made up fictional facts. Oh well, sit back and listen to people’s parents make excuses. Sounds like you’re just a parrot.
    I haven’t seen the likes of an Eric Webb, Kevin Crouse, Carl Lewis, Andre Eaves, Alan Wheeling, Nubian Peak , Brandon Hazard or Timmy Davis (just to name a few), walk down the steps in the Jones era yet. Definitely not together on the same team as some of these were.

    • the truth

      September 12, 2013 at 3:42 pm

      You’re a IDIOT and you need to get your facts straight “FACT STATER”. The simple question for you is what has Jones done since he has been at Pulaski County besides lose??? And he will continue to do so.. And no none of those individuals you named have walked down the steps but Jones has had good players and should have won more games then he has but he does not know how to win/coach unless he has a boat load of athletes as he did at Essex.. As far as what Hicks or Turner did when they were there it does not matter as neither one is there and if I am not mistaken they both had a better winning percentage there than Jones has. You need to move on and keep waving your pom poms for Jones.. LOSER…

  2. Fact Stater

    September 10, 2013 at 6:23 pm

    Sorry, Turner’s squad was 2008. Before someone catches it

  3. the truth part 2

    September 12, 2013 at 2:39 pm

    Whats your point there fact stater?
    I can’t decide if you are saying its the coaching or the players.

    Your opinion is your opinion. Doesn’t make it right or wrong. It’s your opinion.

    Since Jones has been here, look how many of his players have went on to play college football. Maybe not D1, but hey only a very select few has passed down those steps that went on to D1 and played.
    The talent has been there. Unless your “professional” opinion is better than that of college coaches, I think we see that the talent has been there.
    Whats lacking is the discipline that Coach Hicks had. Only 1 state title for sure, but the trophy case is full of district and region titles, and might I remind you, the bulk of Coach Hicks’s wins came as a member of AAA. Unless you are in the talent rich 757, you don’t win alot of muliple state titles in AAA.
    No tackling in practice, no structure of practice and a system that after a few weeks even my girlfriend said didn’t fit the talent of Pulaski, is all i need to know that Jones will never be the coach that Coach Hicks was. Period.
    *drops the mic on the floor

  4. the truth part 2

    September 13, 2013 at 1:57 pm

    One more thing, instead of Jack, they should have picked Paul Wheeler as head coach when Coach Hicks retired.
    None of this would matter because he would have kept the program going as Coach Hicks started it.

  5. pchsfan

    September 13, 2013 at 3:13 pm

    Here’s a fact….JV was behind last night 35-8 with four minutes left in the game. The second and third string stayed on the sidelines hoping to get in while Jones played his first string against PH’s second string. Even though the Cougars scored two more TD’s, this still didn’t get much needed experience to the younger players. If Jones want play them in a game like this, when will he ever?

  6. concerned parent

    September 13, 2013 at 3:20 pm

    Does Coach Lewis actually coach? As parents, we’ve seen him yell, holler, scream and place his hands on his hips and look around to see if anyone is paying attention to him. Our kids are tired of it and do not respect him at all. If you noticed,our kids didn’t really play good ball in the first half last night. When Coach Jones showed up, the kids responsed to him because he actually coaches them, not just yell all the time.

  7. Suf

    September 14, 2013 at 4:44 am

    Fact Stater, if you recall in the 1993 state championship game PC lost 14-7 to a very good Annandale, but were without senior leader Eric Webb who had broken his jaw the week before. Webb was having a monster season and his presence would have certainly overcome a mere 7 points. So, although not another championship for Joel, it’s not his best player broke his jaw. That ’93 team was 13-0 with Webb in the lineup.

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