State Parks online store closing

Virginia State Parks will close its eight-year-old online store Friday, Aug. 23, due to the increased cost of maintaining the site.

According to Ann Henderson, VSP merchandising manager, “the relatively small volume of sales from the store” cannot support a sudden increase in IT (information technology) support costs, so the site will officially close at midnight Aug. 23.

However, if a state park visitor gets home and regrets not having purchased an item that was being sold at a park, Henderson said the item can be purchased through the merchandise section of Virginia State Parks in Richmond by calling 804-371-2595.

Since the online store required credit card payments, Henderson said one advantage to purchasing directly from VSP is that consumers can pay by check or credit card. Orders placed using a check will have delayed shipping of ten days in order for the check to be processed.

“We want to express our thanks to all of our loyal park supporters and shoppers for the business the online store has received,” she said. “Hopefully we will find a new opportunity to bring the in home shopping advantage back soon.”



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