Reminder to observe state BB, pellet gun laws



Reports have been made of problems in town with the firing of pellet guns or other air rifles. An local woman said two dings were found on her car, and there are young boys with pellet guns in her area.

She says there are rules and regulations parents need to monitor. According to state law, localities have the authority to regulate the use of pneumatic guns.

According to Capt. Anthony Meredith of Pulaski Police Department, a BB or pellet gun should be handled as a firearm, as they can cause serious injury or death. Meredith says the town does have an ordinance relating to BB rifles.

“To my knowledge there is no age limit regulation on the possession of such guns,” said Meredith. “A BB/pellet gun under certain criminal statues can fall under the specific code section definition, for example, using a BB/pellet gun in the commission of a crime or brandishing the gun and making people think it is real.”

“No person shall shoot a BB air rifle, slingshot or gravel shooter, or throw or propel other dangerous objects or missiles in, across, or onto a public right-of-way, or shall otherwise use any of such weapons or a crossbow or a bow and arrow in such a manner as to endanger or injure any person or damage property,” according to Virginia law.

All BB/pellet guns should be used according to the manufactures recommendations and all safety instructions, warnings, and equipment should be followed and used. Parents should supervise the use of the guns for those under the age of 18.



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