Pulaski town water plant improvements going up for bid




The town of Pulaski’s water treatment plant is in need of improvements for some of its procedures and equipment, and the project is going to bid in October of this year, according to an article in the August 2013 issue of Water & Wastes Digest, a trade magazine.

The last time the plant was upgraded, according to the magazine, was in 1989.

Gary McCollum, a senior engineer with Draper Aden Associates, which is designing the project, elaborated on the necessary upgrades in the article.

The project includes switching from hydraulic to electrically operated valves, which would take up less space and be integrated with digital controls; new chemical feeders; changing one of the treatment chemicals for a different, safer one; getting a storage tank for a Brennflac, a commonly-used chemical that has until now been left in its shipping containers; and putting in two emergency generators. McCollum explained later to the Southwest Times that the generators were from the Peppers Ferry water treatment plant, which is upgrading to newer ones. He went on to say that though the Pulaski plant will not be getting brand new ones, these have received little use and do not have much wear.

McCollum said that with an October bid, the project could begin by early next year and be completed by September or October of 2014.

Town of Pulaski Engineer Bill Pedigo agreed, estimating, “It’ll probably be early fall before we get out to bid. We’re still getting approval from the health department.”

As to why the trade magazine specifically chose to feature Pulaski’s water plant, Pedigo said, “They picked up that we’re going to make it more energy efficient. We’re going to some newer technology and replacing some antiquated equipment.”









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