County ok’s funds for PCHS baseball project



The booster club for Pulaski County High School’s baseball program may be getting some financial backing from the county for a new project it has in mind.

If the school board gives its stamp of approval to the project, the club would like to construct a new concession stand with handicap-accessible bathrooms and storage space, according to Massie District Supervisor Andy McCready.

McCready said he has been helping with the booster club and he would like to see the board of supervisors make a contribution to the project. The funding would be contingent upon school board approval of the structure.

While there is a concession stand at the baseball field, McCready said there are no bathrooms at present. If the project comes to fruition, he added, “Phase II” calls for a press box to be constructed above the concession area in the future.

According to McCready, the funding would be used primarily to purchase supplies. Booster members and students in the trades programs at PCHS would perform as much of the work as possible.

The board of supervisors voted unanimously in favor of McCready’s motion to provide up to $10,000 for the project as long as it receives the school board’s blessing.

The motion, seconded by Ingles District Supervisor Ranny O’Dell, also included a request that the school system provide “like” funding. However, the supervisor contribution is not contingent upon the school board making a contribution.




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