Menagerie exhibition returns to Fine Arts Center

Menagerie-Gaspar-webBy SARAH BRADBURY


One of the Fine Arts Center for the New River Valley’s most popular shows, Menagerie, is returning  to Pulaski Aug. 5 through Sept. 29. This well loved exhibition provides practicing artists with a way to showcase their work. This is a chance for serious artists to try new styles and a chance for the hobby artist to share their work with the community.

“There are no judgment calls, themes or restrictions on the show,” said Judy Ison, FAC executive director, “so everyone is sure to find something they like or that interests them.”

Bill Beamer, originally from Pulaski, was at the Fine Arts Center setting up an installation piece for fellow artist, Jim Leftwich. Beamer says that Leftwich is one of the seminal poets and intermedia artists of the 21st century. “He’s internationally known and just so happens to live in Roanoke,” said Beamer. “I can’t explain what Jim does, I can only say he’s phenomenal.”

Beamer also is showing work in the exhibition. He creates visual poetry, also known as asemic writing, but he calls his work “dritings,” a merge of drawing and writing, since the pieces are meant to be viewed and read. Beamer is a supporter of the Fine Arts Center and says “this is the one place in the area that is willing to show experimental work.”

Menagerie is open to all types of art, from elementary to professional, and all ages are welcome to submit their work. “The point of art is to engage the imagination and the spirit,” said Beamer, “It is what it is. Art inspires curiosity and thought, and should never be taken as having one meaning or interpretation. People expect to know what art means, but it’s really about what it makes you feel or think.”

All two-dimensional entries must be properly framed and ready to hang. Three dimensional pieces should also be adequately prepared for public display. There is a limit of two pieces per person, with a $5 fee for each entry. Each piece of work must have been completed within the past two years and not previously presented at the Fine Arts Center.

All work must be submitted by 4:30 p.m. Friday, July 26. Anyone wishing to enter the exhibition can do so by calling the Fine Arts Center at 980-7363, or stopping by the center at 21 West Main St., Pulaski. Gallery hours are 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

This annual exhibition will be on display at the Fine Arts Center for the New River Valley from Aug. 5-Sept. 29, Monday through Friday. Entrance to view the exhibit is free.



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