FOCL: All Lake Cleanup a success

Record haul-webBy MELINDA WILLIAMS


Friends of Claytor Lake (FOCL) reports that its annual All Lake Cleanup Day was a success, and an estimated more than 10 tons of trash removed from the lake Saturday.

According to FOCL’s website, the cleanup was “three times the clean up day” as last year’s event. According to preliminary reports, the following items were removed from the lake:

•151 bags of trash

•10 tires

•14 tires with wheels

•Two truck tires with wheels

•One boat floorboard

•One metal strap

•20 large and small pieces of Styrofoam

•10 plastic chairs

•One refrigerator

•Three 5-gallon buckets

•One plastic bucket

•Two misplaced buoys

•One 55-gallon drum

•One 5-foot white pipe

•One message in a bottle

FOCL expressed gratitude to those who came out to help with the cleanup and those who supported the effort in other ways.





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