Dublin firm hired to help fix sewer pipe




Meade Contracting has been hired by the town of Pulaski to help repair a sewer line that failed in the Dora Highway area earlier this month.

Pulaski Town Manager John Hawley said Meade has worked on utility projects for the town in the past. The company has agreed to provide equipment and labor for the sewer line repair on the basis of actual hours worked (including overhead and profit), he noted.

The town will order materials for the job and town crews and equipment will assist with the repairs, Hawley said. He added, “This will give the town more control in limiting the dollars spent to repair” the line.

Hawley said stone and structures to create a cofferdam are being moved to the site. A cofferdam is a temporary structure used to divert a body of water for construction purposes.

Flooding caused the 10-inch pipe that crosses Peak Creek to wash out sometime around Independence Day. A system was put in to pump sewage around the site until repairs are completed.



One Response to Dublin firm hired to help fix sewer pipe

  1. brenda

    July 23, 2013 at 10:33 am

    Good it is about time local contractors were chosen for local jobs. If they are good enough to live here, pay taxes and spend their money here then they should be good enough to work here!
    congrats to them!

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