APCo website shows impact of downstream flows

ROANOKE – New River fishermen, canoeists, kayakers and other recreationalists have a new tool to help them anticipate water flows on the river downstream from Appalachian Power’s Claytor Hydroelectric Plant.

A new website allows users to see how and when water releases will affect flows at seven downstream locations from Peppers Ferry Road to Glen Lyn.

Water released from Claytor Dam is affected by both river flow and electric generation. Now users can anticipate how the releases affect the river. The information is available at   http://AEP.com/NewRiverFlows and is conveyed in a graph that explains the usual delay between a release at Claytor and when it will show up downstream. For example, releases from Claytor take approximately 14.5 hours to reach the Pembroke area.

The graph does not forecast water releases, but instead demonstrates the relationship between historical and current releases and downstream water levels. The company notes that the site does not account for additional weather events or inflows from other tributaries that feed into the New River downstream from the dam.

“We’re pleased to make this information available,” said Frank Simms, hydro manager. This tool can easily be viewed on mobile electronic devices, as another way to help people be aware of potentially changing river conditions.”



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