Women charged in Pulaski meth lab




Two Pulaski woman were arrested Friday night in connection with a methamphetamine lab found in an apartment in downtown Pulaski.

Pulaski Police Department Officer Megan Jennings said Teresa White Dillon, 50, of Pulaski, and Victoria Willogene Harris, 39, of Radford, each are charged with manufacture of methamphetamine. Both are being held at New River Valley Regional Jail. Jennings said additional charges are pending.

The women were arrested around 10:45 p.m. Friday after the police department received an anonymous tip that a methamphetamine lab was located at Northside Apartments at 302 N. Washington Ave. The apartment is one of nine located on the upper floor of the building on the northeast corner of Third Street and Washington Avenue.

Jennings said officers responded to the apartment and spoke with one of its occupants. A search warrant was obtained for the apartment when officers were able to detect odors consistent with those emitted by an active methamphetamine lab coming from inside the residence.

Due to the potential volatility of such labs and their associated chemicals, the entire building was evacuated as a precaution.

The scene was processed and evidence collected with assistance of Claytor Lake Drug Task Force, comprised of officers from Pulaski, Dublin and Radford police departments, Pulaski and Wythe sheriff’s offices and Virginia State Police.

Four Pulaski police officers were exposed to the toxic chemicals during the incident, said Jennings. Two of them later received medical treatment as a result.



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