Widner Earns Five National Powerlifting Titles

deadlift 303 lbsKnoxville, TN- The Southern Powerlifting Federation/Global Powerlifting Committee hosted their 2013 National Powerlifting and Bench Press Championship this past weekend. All teenagers and women lifted on Friday while the heavier men lifted both Saturday and Sunday. The meet was hosted in the Days Inn North in Knoxville.

Pulaski County High School rising ninth grader Cherokee Widner traveled the four hours Thursday morning and weighed in at 137 lbs. right before noon. On Friday morning after an 8am rules meeting, Widner began competing in the 148 lb category for 13-15 year old males. The 14 year old set a personal best with a 237 lb. below parallel squat on his third and final attempt. Because of irritating hip pointers, Cherokee performed his record squat with no lifting belt, but his core strength proved ample enough to handle the weight. In the bench press contest, he pushed 187.4 lbs with a two second pause for his second attempt. Widner actually benched 192.9 lbs in his third and final attempt, but was not given credit for the lift due to locking it out unevenly by a mere margin. During the deadlift contest, he picked up 303.1 lbs in his first lift, missed a 330.7 lb second attempt and scratched his final attempt. Just wearing the supportive weigh belt caused pain, so Cherokee and his dad/coach decided to call it a day for safety sake.

Widner traveled back to Virginia that afternoon with five large battle axes for winning the National Championships in the full powerlifting (727.5 lbs), push/pull (490.5 lbs), bench press (187.4lbs), deadlift (303.1 lbs) and squat (237 lbs). All of his final lifts finished in the top five in the SPF’s record book and established Virginia State records for the 13-15 year old/148 lb category. Cherokee and his family are pleased with the results of the meet and are excited that he has 1 ½ years and 11 more pounds of muscle to gain before he leaves this particular category. Up next on his powerlifting quest is the American Powerlifting Association World Powerlifting Championships in Defuniak Springs, Florida in late July.



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