School Board will hear OWPR presentation on school study


Pulaski County School Board has announced a called meeting on Thursday, June 6 for the purpose of hearing a presentation from OWPR, Architects and Engineers.

OWPR, an architecture and engineering firm with offices in Virginia and West Virginia, has conducted a study of Pulaski and Dublin middle schools and Dublin Elementary School, and will present information from their study to the public. The study began last fall and focused on multiple aspects of the design and integrity of the schools in question, and whether it would be more feasible to renovate the existing schools or construct a new middle school.

Defects were discovered in the walls of certain portions of Pulaski and Dublin middle schools in February and crews have been working this spring to fortify them. The defects were found and the affected areas were immediately closed to student activity. It was stressed at the time that the remaining portions of the schools were safe for students and the schools remained open.

The restricted areas include a portion of the gymnasium end wall above the locker rooms at Dublin Middle School, and at Pulaski Middle School, a portion of the gymnasium end wall above the locker rooms, as well as portions of the back wall of the stage and sidewall of the auditorium at the front of the building. This spring, steel piers have been added to the outside of the walls to correct an outward bowing problem.

The June 6 meeting will be held in Pulaski County High School’s Little Theatre. The public is encouraged to attend.



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