Professor indicted on additional charges



RADFORD – A former criminal justice professor now faces over 100 charges after a Radford City grand jury handed down 52 more child pornography indictments against him June 14.

Taj Mahon-Haft is now charged with 100 counts of possession of child pornography, nine counts of production of child pornography, three counts of possession of a Schedule I drug, one count of possession of marijuana and assault on a police officer.

He received two 12-month sentences in Radford City General District Court June 5 on convictions of obstruction of justice and resisting arrest, but those convictions have been appealed to circuit court, court records show.

Mahon-Haft was originally arrested on the drug charges last December when a search warrant was executed at his Radford residence. The first set of pornography possession charges stemmed from images allegedly found on computers seized at that time. The pornography production and second set of pornography possession charges stemmed from additional images found on a laptop seized during a March search of the residence.

The assault, resisting arrest and obstruction charges were filed when he allegedly resisted arrest as the second set of warrants were being served on him.

Mahon-Haft is being held without bond at New River Valley Regional Jail in Dublin.




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